Solar Refrigeration:
NASA - Developed Hybrid Technology

The technology used in PolarPanel systems a modern derivative of solar refrigeration technology developed at the Johnson Space Center (NASA). It works by directly connecting solar panels to a refrigeration unit, and storing excess energy as ice to maintain temperatures and reduce diesel consumption.

Ending the Fossil Age:
Reducing Diesel Use in Refrigerated Rail

Every TRU burns an estimated $20,000-$25,000 in diesel fuel annually. In addition, emissions regulations from the California ARB require non-compliant generators to be replaced every 7 years for an average of $25,000. PolarPanel systems slashes these high operation expenses and maintains compliance with the CARB.

The Business:
Retrofit Existing Transport Refrigeration Units (TRUs)

With facility space at Bucyrus Railcar Repair, PolarPanel will fulfill orders from cold chain owners and lessees to retrofit existing refrigerated railcars, trucks, and container units. PolarPanel looks to provide a certification model that would allow third-party shop owners to exclusively offer retrofits and system maintenance.



PolarPanel is a Forbes 30 Under 30 renewable energy startup focused on bringing clean, reliable, and low-maintenance refrigeration technology to the commercial cold chain.


Refrigerated shipping is the perfect target for PolarPanel's mission to promote efficiency and slash maintenance with a solar-powered solution to refrigerated transportation that reduces diesel consumption.


The 500,000 TRUs in the US today release over 7.6 million kg in particulate matter, and 76 million kg in nitrogen oxides each year. By retrofitting refrigerated railcars, trucks, and container units, we can not only save the environment but also save the industry $60 billion in costs and 40 million tons of food in the US annually alone.


Annual Diesel Costs Per Unit


Generator Cost Every 7 Years


Global Cold Chain Units Today





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