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Team Update

With the end of Q1 for 2019, PolarPanel will be going through a few changes. Our PolarPanel co-founder Christian Kladzyk will be moving to New York this spring to pursue new personal and professional interests. We respect his decision and wish him the very best of luck! Since being an original member of the team in 2017, we appreciate all his contributions to PolarPanel. In lieu of filling the position, the remaining team will be assuming his duties.

New Development for PolarPanel

We're beyond thrilled to announce a new member of the PolarPanel team! We have added a technical lead, Micah Bullock, as our Technical Support & Engineering Lead. With a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering, he brings technical experience in HVACR, fluid flow, and mechanical design. Micah will be helping PolarPanel develop the technological adaptation for rail and trucking. We're extremely excited to have him join our team and can't wait for our next milestones!

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