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The Team

          The 2019 Forbes 30 Under 30 team is using their knowledge and background experience to improve the commercial cold chain— starting with reducing the industry's carbon footprint and high operational costs. 

Brad Cathcart

President & CEO

Brad is a champion of clean technology and climate policy with a multi-generational background in rail. He offers expertise within the rail industry, holding immediate family connections to Cathcart Rail - the parent company of our strategic partners Bucyrus Railcar Repair, Buckeye Railcar Parts, and the BIP Railroad - and was featured in Trains Magazine in 2017.

Viviane Nguyen

Vice President & Marketing Manager

Viviane is a Marketing professional with cross-industry experience in branding strategy and content creation, including experience in Sustainability. She is an upcoming MBA candidate for the 2021 cycle.

Juan Pablo Pimienta

Finance Manager

Juan Pablo (JP) has a background in freight transportation logistics and supply chain management optimization. He is also a certified US customs broker. 

Micah Bullock

Technical Support & Engineering Lead

Micah brings technical experience on HVACR, fluid flow, and mechanical design. ​He has a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering.

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